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Smart Tea Steeper - Red

If you’re looking for the best infuser teapot, look no further. It’s our easy-to-use tea pot with infusers for loose tea. The GROSCHE ABERDEEN Smart teapot makes it easy and convenient to steep loose-leaf tea to perfection and serve. It’s a must have and a perfect gift for any tea lover or anyone looking to explore the world of loose-leaf teas. Its patented design makes it easy to use, easy to clean, and a joy to all.

The ABERDEEN is a convenient teapot that allows you to steep your tea with minimal effort and no mess. It is the only type of shatterproof Tritan teapot and tea infuser in the market that is completely made from BPA-free, food safe shatterproof Tritan plastic. Tritan is the only plastic material that is food safe certified in every country in the world today, making it an ideal choice to make an unbreakable teapot. Simply add your tea from the top, add in your hot water and let it steep.