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Honduras Cafe El Zapote

The El Zapote Story

Café El Zapote was established in Ames, IA with the sole purpose to support farming communities in Honduras. The men and women of El Zapote, are hard-working individuals hoping to support their families in a broken-down economy. The organization is implementing progressive change within the community that will eventually be reflected in the economy. By providing a high market for the coffee produced by the farmers of El Zapote, they are inducing positive change. They practice direct trade as a way to maximize sustainability and to maintain a good relationship with the El Zapote Farmers.

The Farmers Behind El Zapote

El Zapote Farmers

The continuous journey means nothing if you travel alone. The ones you seek are the ones who guide.

Café Hacia El Futuro - Coffee Towards the Future, is an association of farmers from the Honduran village of El Zapote. These farmers have shown us that coffee is more than a product, it’s a story. Through their hard work and dedication, we have seen the significant strides of progress that have been made within the association, their agricultural systems, and their communities over the last six years. 

New and exciting opportunities continue to arise within the community of El Zapote, and we hope that you can continue to help us provide additional opportunities by showing the world what great coffee is!