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Coffee is best stored in a cool, dark place in a container with a one-way valve.

There is no single best way to grind coffee, as it is totally dependent on your brewing method. When you order coffee on our website, simply select your brewing method and we will make sure your coffee is ground to perfection. 

Between 197 - 204F (92-96C)

There is no such thing as a “best” coffee, and even if we were to say that one specific coffee was the best, many may disagree. When you’re searching for the best cup of coffee, it’s important to know what it is you're looking for, what your tasting in the cup, why you’re tasting those nuanced flavor notes and developing your palate to analyze what you like and dislike. We’re here to help you along that journey for the perfect cup.

Yes! We have our Espresso Blend, which is a medium/dark roast blend with nutty chocolatey notes perfect for pulling shots and blending with milk (or any alternative). You can also use our single-origin coffees as espresso, even if it doesn’t say the word espresso on it. Some will work better than others, we will try to mark those as we continue to build our website.