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Colombia Finca La Estrella Geisha

You won't want to miss out on tasting this coffee, packed full of fruit notes like peach, orange, and pineapple. 

The La Estrella farm has been owned by the Lopez family for 80 years. It was passed down to 4 brothers, who separated the farm in two. In addition to growing micro-lot coffees, they also grow avocados and plantains on the farm. 

After the coffee is picked, the cherries are placed into an airtight barrel. The lack of oxygen inside the barrel breaks down the coffee. With the constant measurement of oxygen level, sugar content and PH the producers can ensure the coffee is smooth and balanced. After a certain amount, the coffee is drained and resoaked in clean water to stop the growth of bacteria. The cherries are fermented for 36-40 hours. 


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